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Executive Coaching For Future Leadership - Five Competencies For Leaders Later on


Five Priorities for the Future

Future Leadership

The results reveal five key competencies for leaders later on:

1. Thinking globally: Leaders will need to see the economic, cultural, legal and political environments that they work. Potentially profitable new skills and knowledge for marketing, sales and international production will probably be required. An international perspective is often a high priority.

2. Appreciating cultural diversity: This competency requires more flexibility and openness than previously. Cultural tension can be a natural by-product from the global business environment and leaders should be skilled at managing it. A chance to lead disparate sets of knowledge workers into a consensus will likely be crucial.

3. Developing technological savvy: Information and communications systems are the backbone with the global enterprise. While CEOs is probably not technological experts they should decide about which advances to look at and ways to allocate technological investments wisely.

4. Building partnerships and alliances: Due to all the reengineering, restructuring and downsizing, many activities are being outsourced. This requires a heightened ability to negotiate complex alliances and manage network relationships. Joint leadership will be a key.

5. Sharing leadership: Sharing leadership responsibilities will be required to navigate global partnerships. Executive team leaders, bearing in mind perhaps the most common vision and purpose, will collaborate to produce effective decisions and target integration, not control.

It is important to keep in mind that leadership can be an emergent quality that is certainly produced by the acts of numerous folks complex systems. The company culture must recognize and accept the requirement of leaders to get help. Leaders cannot walk on water or leap tall buildings, it doesn't matter how strong they seem like. Executive coaches are important for your continuing development of leadership strengths, and will also be a lot more so in the future.


Post by transformingafrica1 (2016-09-28 10:33)

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